Frequently Asked Questions about the GoZone White Label Program:


  • Nope! We have designed our Smart WiFi Platform to be hardware agnostic and work with most advanced hardware with some simple configuration changes. This means that you can still manage your networks the way you normally do to take advantage of their specific features.

  • Please fill out the contact form and a rep will be in touch to offer you our White Label pricing. In addition, our White Label program INCLUDES access to our Ads4WiFi advertising platform that can be used to earn revenue from adverting if you desire.

  • Yes. Each Hotspot can be customized to allow any or all of the supported connect options along with e-mail only and/or SMS verification and collection. We also allow to to add an opt-out for venues that may not want to “force” guests to input their information.

  • Yes it does! With Zapier, you can push guest data to over 750 other applications. In addition, we have an operator Zapier app that allows you to integrate with your CRM or billing systems to help manage your clients.

  • In some cases, yes. You will need to request this from the rep that has been assigned to your account. We determine trial eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

  • Yes, you can display advertisements on your Hotspots both on the Splash (Captive Portal) and you can redirect guests to a specific advertisement “landing” page. Our Ads4WiFi platform is designed specifically for you to create and manage your own ad campaigns and is highly customizable and easy to use.

  • Yes, our platform allows you to set permissions for your customers that will allow or disallow certain functions to be displayed to them. With this, you can create different service plans based on your specific business model.

  • Absolutely, offering social WiFi is a great way to differentiate yourself and will increase your recurring revenues with your customers.

  • Nope, we do not collect any guest data for our own use. The data collected belongs to you and your customers only and we do not directly market to your customers or their guests.

  • Our Smart WiFi Dashboard is currently written in English, HOWEVER, you can customize the splash (captive portal) pages in any language you like. You can also display images that may be in other languages to guests who use the system. In addition, our default Splash pages do automatically sense the language on the device and translates some of the basic elements automatically.

  • Yes, you can give them control to modify their own splash (captive portal) pages OR you can allow them to use our built-in templates that are already ready to go!

  • Yes, our platform allows you to setup your own reseller channels where they can re-brand (if you allow them to) or setup their own clients under your operator-level account.

  • Absolutely! The Smart WiFi platform works with all types of high-density hardware such as Xirrus, Ruckus and Aruba. The platform is scaleable and will handle small hotspots all the way to large venues such as an airport, casino, hotel, or even a city!