Big Box Retailers Under Siege; Social WiFi Is A Saving Grace

The era of brick-and-mortar stores is under siege thanks to online delivery services such as Amazon. People are finding less reason to leave their home and travel to a store when they can complete their shopping from the comfort of their home. Combined with the aggressive acquisition of grocery chains like Whole Foods, the constantly growing demographic of online shoppers has businesses like Wal-Mart against the ropes against the likes of Amazon.


Big-box retailers are in a position where they need to gather as much data on and re-market themselves to their customers to the best of their ability. How can a Social WiFi platform like Smart WiFi, when combined with other loyalty and data capturing practices, help brick-and-mortar retailers build profiles on and re-engage their customer base?


Who’s Who?

Collect analytics that builds a customer profile on each user accessing the WiFi network.  Big-box retailers gain the ability to see who is in their store, information which becomes increasingly important when trying to re-engage with their customers.


Marketing Made Easy!

Smart WiFi makes it easy for big-box businesses to subtly promote themselves to users as they surf the web. Retailers can have the platform direct customers to their social media pages to drive up engagement and increase likes on something like Facebook. Retailers can send automated tweets thanking customers for their visit or even a “we miss you!” tweet if the customer has not returned in some time.


No One Likes Pushy Salesmen…

Gone are the days where customers feel like employees are hassling them about the newest promotion, doing a survey, or the “holiday specials.” Smart WiFi automates the distribution of promotions, coupons, and e-mails, ensuring customers are aware of the most recent deals without being “pushy.”


Ultimately, the landscape of consumerism is changing. Maintaining a strong position in this shifting environment requires big-box retailers to adapt in a way where they will garner the greatest return on their investment. With consumers gravitating more towards online delivery services, retailers must connect with as many customers that enter their building. They must rebrand their business to their current customer base to forge stronger bonds of brand loyalty between them.


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