About Us

Our Platforms Monetize Guest WiFi”

GoZone WiFi, based in Hollywood, FL, is B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that has developed two, feature-rich, cloud-based platforms that are designed to enhance the functionality and monetization of public, guest WiFi networks. Through our powerful feature-sets, we provide tools that offer enhanced location branding, detailed guest data collection, robust analytics, customized triggered e-mail and SMS marketing functions, and robust advertising delivery and campaign management. Using our platforms, a partner can quickly create socially-powered (social wifi), advertising-based “free” WiFi hotspots or hotzones that will enhance guest satisfaction, satisfy marketing department needs, and off-set costs through advertising. In addition, existing operators can enhance their existing networks to drive additional revenues and value.

GoZone platforms are being utilized in thousands of venues in seven countries, consisting of popular restaurants, bars, clubs, auto-maintenance shops as well as large venues including malls, an international airport and casino and hotel properties.

GoZoneWiFi was founded and is led by Todd Myers, a WiFi technology pioneer and serial entrepreneur who knows the public WiFi hotspot marketplace. He has worked closely with some of the largest mobile carriers around the world.

One of Todd’s previous companies installed the first airport WiFi hotspots in the world. In addition, his previous companies developed carrier-grade platforms that were used by major telecom carriers and managed thousands of guest WiFi networks including some of the leading Airports and metropolitan networks in the US and Canada.

Bringing this experience and vision to GoZone WiFi, we know what it takes to build a solid platform to support successful WiFi networks on a global scale. We also know how to support hyper-local WiFi communities that can deliver an unmatched value proposition for our clients.