Tips To Monetize Your White Label WiFi Hotspot For Business

Here are some tips to monetize your white label WiFi hotspot. More and more WiFi operators are looking for additional revenue and a way to connect with their consumers.  Retailers, telecom operators, MSPs and ISPs among others are all looking to use gain greater funds from the existing network they provide to consumers.  After all, WiFi does come with a cost to companies and it is also a direct interface with consumers receiving (an often free) service.  There is no reason not to turn it into a monetization opportunity.

Sell Ads on Top of WiFi Interface

The simplest way to turn WiFi into revenue is to simply sell ads as pop-ups when the user goes online.  That means plugging into an ad network like DoubleClick or going out and selling more lucrative ads directly to businesses.  Either way, this immediately turns the WiFi hotspot into new revenue.

Enhance Marketing

Branding your firm with a WiFi hotspot interface creates a unique and engaging opportunity to connect with consumers. Whether you want to create an on-going relationship, a quick transaction or a long-term up-sell opportunity, this connection will continue in the consumer’s mind.

Gain Leads for Revenue Growth

New users must sign in to the network and provide their contact information.  This creates a list of leads to follow-up with for marketing and sales purposes.  At minimum, these leads can be sold to third party firms that are willing to pay for the list right away.  Some groups are willing to pay $1 or more per lead.

GoZone White Label WiFi is a leading provider of WiFi services that can be used for branding and marketing for client firms or advertisers.  GoZone provides an innovative dashboard and analytics platform that helps firms manage their WiFi service as well.  Using these tools and opportunities, firms are able to rapidly monetize their WiFi into lucrative assets.  For more information, please contact us.