GoZone White Label System Is THE Purple WiFi Alternative

We’ve done the work, we’ve set the foundation,  you reap the benefits. Establish your brand through a customized system that captures your guest’s data and allows you a marketing advantage in whatever industry your company competes in. GoZone White Label System Is THE Purple WiFi Alternative.

Go Zone’s White Label system allows you the ability to brand yourself in your market. GoZone will customize a system specifically designed for your business in your industry. Automated data capture, and integrated market capabilities which include SMS, social media, direct email and on the spot multi media marketing. Your brand will be recognized, remembered and first in the minds of your prospective clients, seamlessly leaving no room for your competition to gain an edge.

The bottom line is that if you are in the service industry whether it be health care, hotels, restaurants, retailers or any other service based industry you need to be in the arena of technologically enhanced marketing that looks like it was developed in your backroom by your people.

GoZone’s White Label systems allow you to brand yourself and do just that. This is a no cost basis system that will dramatically increase awareness of your brand and place your company in the forefront of your competitors. An enhanced system customized to your company’s specific needs with the ability and flexibility to grow in the future, expand and transform into new marketing ideas as they become available’

As an alternative to purple Wifi, GoZone white label will win you over with its automated system that works 24/7 to increase your profits.

Capture more of your market, increasing your brand awareness, building a loyal customer base with an eye towards a bigger bottom line now and in the future. That is exactly what GoZone’s white label automated WiFi multi media marketing system will do for you. Make the move now before someone else in your market does so later.

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