White Label WiFi: Social Entertainment in Your Business

Retailtainment refers to putting fun back into stores through new sources of social entertainment in your business. It’s about giving customers an experience which they can share with their friends and family. One key way to do this is by adding high-speed internet into your brick and mortar store to create a complete customer experience. Here’s why adding WiFi to your store is your best next business decision.

  1. Free WiFi increases the foot traffic in your store.

An increase in foot traffic is paired with customers spending an increased amount of time in your store. It’s simple: more foot traffic means that more customers spend more time in your store, generating a greater amount of sales.

Customers will buy more from your store the longer they stay inside. In fact, 50% of businesses with free WiFi stated that consumers would spend more money and time at their store.

  1. Having WiFi in store also gives you chance to work on reputation management. 

Offering customers internet is an easy way to satisfy them, and provide them with a source of entertainment while they’re in store. By offering internet as a source of retailtainment you’re able to generate positive reviews online. As a result, your online brand image will be primarily positive, which means that any potential customers who view these reviews will be more likely to try out your store.

It’s important to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews online, so that this can lead to a snowball effect and further promote your store to potential customers.

Offering a source of entertainment in your stores by including WiFi is a great way to give your customers a complete experience. Their satisfaction will help you grow your business and will help curate a great reputation among customers.

So what are you waiting for? Try including WiFi in your store and enjoy the great results both you and your customers will get. Already have  in your store? We invite you to contact us and find out how we can increase the value of an already valuable amenity!