White Label Smart Wifi: How to Monetize Public Guest Wifi

GoZone WiFi™ is a Florida-based company with a cutting-edge, fashionable, and functional new means of marketing right at your business’s fingertips: white label smart wifi. Wifi is a wireless connection between a cellphone, tablet, laptop, or other internet-ready device with an internet connection. Yet, white label smart wifi is a specific type of wifi that truly lives up to its name for several reasons. Firstly, it’ll help you monetize public guest wifi.

Surely, no one has missed the ubiquitousness of smartphones and mobile communication devices. According to SAP, by 2013, there were more mobile devices on earth than human beings. One researcher, Wi-Fi Alliance, cites that 71% of mobile transactions run over wifi connections. With this in mind, it’s no secret that businesses have caught on to having free wifi as a way to lure customers into their location.

The Pew Research center states that “90% of people have a mobile device in reach 100% of time.” This means that a major of a shop’s customers have their smartphone or mobile phone with them. In fact, some users carry their phones with them up to 22 hours a day (IDC).

Cellphone carriers have errands to run and places to go. As they go about their day, they make selective decisions as to which business to give patronage to while shopping around. These customers prefer stores that offer free wifi and businesses see increases in traffic and, consequentially, revenue once this technology is in place.

The trouble is that free wifi everywhere means that there is a lot of competition. Here’s where white label smart wifi comes in. This is a wifi service with a social angle. All a business owner needs to do buy a normal router and establish an internet connection. It is not difficult to use and most businesses already have this type of equipment. Next, we help you broadcast the free wifi with the shop’s branding. Customers connect to the site and are told they can register with their social media, say, Facebook or other social profiles.

The service is called “white label” because the customer signs online to the shop’s landing page. The landing page is blank and can be customized with the shop’s promotions, social media, etc. Customers and businesses have an opportunity to connect like never before. Here at GoZoneWiFi™, we help guide you through the process of establishing this type of connection and the setup.

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