White Label Proximity Marketing: Optimize On Local Traffic

Did you know that as of a recent survey done by ShopAdvisor found that about 77 percent of shoppers use their smartphones while shopping?  In addition, about 47 percent of younger adults will use their smartphone to check out a product online before making a purchase in store. People are becoming savvy shoppers in looking for product reviews and the possibility of a lower price.  This is something that you can take advantage of with white label proximity marketing.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing uses beacons to pinpoint a smartphone user’s current geographical location and send pinpointed marketing messages to their phone based on that location.  This is great for restaurants looking to lure in new diners, brick and mortar stores trying to compete with online shopping, and service businesses trying to expand their base.  Plus, you’ll be able to track these local users to learn more about their shopping habits.

Capitalize On Local Traffic

Proximity marketing allows you to take advantage of local traffic that might usually pass by without stopping.  Think about all of the foot and car traffic that passes by on a daily basis, and then consider how wonderful it would be to go above and beyond with your marketing efforts to get them to stop and come in.  Sandwich boards and signs only go so far, and if a person’s focused on their smartphone, they may miss it.  Market inside of their pocket through this new technological marketing trend.

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